Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Services by Cottrell and McCullough Dental

Natural Looking, Metal-Free Restorations

Composite bonding can be done for both cosmetic and functional purposes. Bonding refers to the process in which tooth-colored resin-based composite is placed into or onto teeth to repair fractures, decay, wear or cosmetic problems so your smile looks natural and renewed. If a cavity or fracture compromises too much of a tooth, a crown may be recommended to properly restore the tooth to its natural form and function in the most esthetic way possible.

Crowns and bridges

A crown is a prosthesis that is used to entirely cover or “cap” a damaged tooth or be placed on top of an implant. A crown may be recommended for replacing a large filling when there isn’t enough tooth remaining, protect a weak tooth from fracturing, restore a fractured tooth, attach a bridge, cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth, or a tooth that has had root canal treatment. A bridge may be recommended if you are missing one or more teeth.

Dentures and partials

We offer many affordable options for tooth replacement with dentures and partial dentures. Whatever you do, don’t let missing teeth go untreated. Dentures can help you maintain a healthy, functional bite, prevent further tooth loss, and improve speaking and eating. We’ll make you smile!!


An implant is a titanium screw that is placed by local oral surgeons into the bone. After a sufficient healing phase of three to six months, the implant becomes integrated with the bone and can be strong enough to support the chewing load. Multiple implants can be placed to support fixed bridges or removable dentures.

Patients who are dealing with a terminal dentition, the treatment option of immediate full mouth extractions and immediate implant placement with a fixed hybrid denture is available.

Root canals

Within each tooth there is a dental pulp, which provides nerves and blood vessels to the tooth. If the pulp is damaged or inflamed due to decay or injury, the tooth may abscess and cause pain. When this occurs, root canal therapy (endodontic therapy) is a treatment in which the damaged pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. Once the root canal is complete, it is imperative that the tooth be properly restored (filling and/or crown) or the root canal system can become re-infected or the tooth can fracture.


Single and/or multiple tooth extractions are performed when teeth become unrestorable resulting from tooth decay, periodontal disease or dental traumas as well as impacted wisdom teeth and teeth requiring removal due to crowding for braces. The dental team at Cottrell and McCullough Dental are highly trained and experienced in all types of extractions.

Emergency Care

We do all we can to ensure that any dental problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently whether you are an established private patient or a new patient. If you have a dental problem, such as pain, swelling, trauma, lost or broken fillings, crowns, or dentures, or you have broken a tooth and need to be seen urgently, call and ask for an emergency dental appointment.

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