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Other Dental Services Provided -

Smile!  Periodontal Disease -

Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection of the gums, bone and ligaments that support the teeth and anchor them in the jaw. The bacteria are normal inhabitants of the mouth and form a film of dental plaque and calculus (tarter) which stick to the teeth. The bacteria produce poisonous toxins which stimulate the immune response to fight the infection. If the disease process is not stopped, the supporting structures of the teeth will continue to be destroyed. This eventually leads to tooth loss.

Peridontal disease can occur at any age. Over half of all people over the age of 18 have some form of the disease. After age 35, over 75% of all people are affected. Unfortunately, the disease process is usually asymptomatic and painless. The disease can be easily detected during regular dental examinations.

Smile!  Periodontal (Preventive) -

Smile!Maintenance (cleanings & x-rays) for Children and Adults

The dental profession refers to the dental cleaning appointment as a dental prophylaxis, or prophy. It's most significant functions are prevention of dental disease and patient education. It is likely the most important and valuable visit a patient may ever make to the dentist.

The routine dental cleaning is anything but routine, and should include:
- Personal oral hygiene evaluation, home care review and
- Toothbrushing and flossing instructions.
- Supra gingival (above the gum) scaling to remove plaque and tarter
    from all visible tooth surfaces.
- Debridement of tarter beneath the gum, as conditions warrent.
- Topical flouride treatment to the age of thirteen.
- Polishing the teeth.
- Nutrition assessment, if needed.
- Peridontal charting, and scheduling of additional periodontal care as

The dental prophylaxis is the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental health.

Dental Cleaning for Children -
The dental prophylaxis is especially important for children to establish good oral hygiene practice and to appreciate the importance of dental health. Easy dental prophy appointments help create self esteem and will lessen anxiety should dental restorative care become necessary in the future.

The regular application of topical flouride, early detection of orthodontic (bite) problems, and an evaluation for pit and fissure sealants are part of preventive dental health.

Smile!Soft Tissue Management (scaling & root planing)
Smile!LAA (Localized Antibiotic Administration)
Smile!Diagnosis of periodontal disease with referral when indicated

Dental sealants, also known as "tooth sealants", can play an important role in helping to prevent some forms of tooth decay (cavities). The placement of dental sealants involves your dentist bonding a plastic coating into the grooves of your tooth - the tooth's pits and fissures. The net result is a smoother tooth surface, one which is less likely to trap food and plaque, as well as one which is easier to effectively clean with a toothbrush.

Smile!  Implants -

Smile!Single and Multiple Tooth Replacements
Smile!Denture and Partial Denture Implant Supported

Smile!  Restorative -

Smile!Bonding (repair chipped & broken teeth)
Smile!Crowns & Bridges (conventional tooth replacement)
Smile!Posts & Cores (to restore root canal teeth)
Smile!Childrens Fillings

Smile!  Endodontic (Root Canal) -

What is a root canal procedure?
A root canal is a procedure done to save the damaged or dead pulp in the root canal of the tooth by cleaning out the diseased pulp and reshaping the canal. The canal is filled with gutta percha, a rubberlike material, to prevent recontamination of the tooth. The tooth is then permanently sealed with possibly a post and/or a gold or porcelain crown. This enables patients to keep the original tooth.

Smile!Advanced Rotary Enodontics for all teeth including molars

Smile!  Prosthodontics -

Smile!Dentures: full & partial, upper & lower; in combination with implants
      and/or crowns

Smile!  Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction -

Smile!Commonly referred to as "lock-jaw" or "TMJ"
Smile!Thermoplastic night-guard; combination of hard/soft clear plastic worn to
       help relieve the symptoms of TMD
Smile!NTI-TSS; Nocioceptive Trigeminal Inhibitor - Tension Supression
       System. Hard plastic appliance worn to help relieve symptoms

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